Friday, April 20, 2012

Vietnam. Ho Chin Minh CIP - Football Exchange Trip

It was the annual CIP and football trip again and it was no surprise every player was looking forward to it. We toured war museums and visited two orphanages before playing the Arsenal Soccer School Vietnam. Our first team beat their senior team by 5 goals to nil after our second team took out their juniors by a similar score line. However, when we played team PVF, a youth development team where the best footballers in Ho Chi Minh are put together, our boys were made to keep their tails between their legs as we were taught a footballing lesson. The visits to the orphanage was once again the anchor programme in our team. Not only were we taught a good lesson of being humble, the living conditions in the home really bring our boys down to earth. Now, we know the differences between needs and wants.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nike Cup 2012

A tournament which the school will send in our subsidary team every year, we actually went into the second round this year. We encourages participation through these tournament and offers a different platform for players to bloom and assume responsibility.

Remember, it is not always about winning; it is about learning to be a better footballer, a better student, a better man.

Adidas Fastest 50 Challenge

St Gabriel's took part in the Adidas fastest 50 speed challenge and our school came in 1st in Singapore. Three of our players also won individual awards!

What to do with the prize money? We bought every boy who participated a adidas duffel bag. Now, we look like professionals going for tournament!

Courts Birthday Bash with Peter Schmeichel

Courts 38th Birthday party with Peter Schmeichel. Only 10 selected schools' goal keepers get to come up close with the Man Utd Legend!

See the three legends in the photo? One from Denmark, one from Nepal and one from Singapore!