Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Past Versus Present

Clement Versus Hariss. Hariss 1, Clement 0!

The "past" led by Hariss Harun came away as the winners after recording a 4-1 win over the current Gabrielite team featuring the likes of Sunny Ng (YOG bronze medalist) and Faris, NFA U-16 captain.

All in the Gabrielite Family.

Coach Clement, we will never forget you!

Okay, Okay and you as well, coach Brian!

 Fahmi trying to beat the offside trap.

 The Past will pull no punches!

 Eh, when will be our turn ah? Don't think we secondary 1 then can not play hor

 Clear the danger

 Come, come, Ray Ray

 First shot from the Present...

 Good save?

 Now, let the old boys show the way...

 And we score...... the first goal...

 the not so old Past, waiting for their chances

 Here we are!

 Coach, when our turn ah?

Uncle, water please? I miss your h2O...

 That's how fast it is!

Thank you guys for making time to turn up and live the Gabrielite spirit. Till we meet next year in the new astro-turf in school!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kuala Lumpur 2010

Year end Trip to KL.
I represent Singapore!

I miss Ms R _ _ _

What a feast!

I hereby, as an Australian, on behalf of Singapore
tell you that I injured my ankle, can not play!!
But I will drink all the H20

Come back from Behind Win 4-3 is always sweet

B Boys did not fail, with a 2-0 win

Dinner with our opponents. Singapore should have more of these,
play and eat then go back sleep!

Thosai KING

Man of the Match - FARIS

Man of the Match - SUNNY
Man of the Match - JEREMY
Man of the Match - Kasim

Happy Birthday CLEMENT!


GOAL- keepers of St Gabriel's
the one on your left, saved a lot of penalties



Losing 4-2

We were at Jonker Street

Ma! you want chendol? I packet home!

Ismail buying hair pin for Ms R _ _ _

That is the chendol everyone is talking about

Yipee Ya Ya

Ahh!!! I promise I be good!


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