Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reflection on South Zone C Div 2011

Commentator: The Bishan park game was not the best performance from the st gabriel's squad. More goals were expected but it was unlucky that the ball didnt hit the back of the net. With two games yet to be played, anything can happen the race for the top spot is still open for any team to grab hold of. All the best to st gabriels sec

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  1. It Should be, The game between Saint Gabriel's and Bishan Park did not go as expected. After easing through games against ACS(B) 9-0, Whitley 7-0 and a 3-0 win over Bendemeer, Saint Gabriel's look favorites to win, and expected to win by a big margin. The 1-0 scoreline was never convincing as it gave Bishan Park an opportunity to hit back and not give up on the game, Bishan Park tried to get back into the game but Saint Gabriel's sloppy defense held on to the final whistle. With two games left to play, if the Saint Gabriel's side continue to perform like this in their next two games, against Beatty and Balestier Hill, the chance of clinching top spot seems dim. If Saint Gabriel's want to be Champions of the zonal competition, They have to perform better than this